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Flamenco Dancer


"Dance is music made visible"George Balanchine

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Fanny Ara

Fanny Ara is an internationally-sought after and award-winning choreographer, performer and instructor. Her most dedicated worldwide fans especially credit her as one of the driving forces of flamenco today; an artist excelling in the full spectrum of flamenco, from the most traditional to the avant-garde. Fanny has been an invited artist in national and international festivals and has toured extensively in Canada, Central and South America, the Middle East, Africa, and throughout Europe. She has been distinguished since 2006 with nominations from the Isadora Duncan Dance Awards in the categories of Most Outstanding Individual Dancer, Most Outstanding Music, Ensemble, and Individual Performance for her project, Juncal Street, and Best Ensemble for her work with the San Francisco Opera in La Traviata. New York’s Vilcek Foundation also awarded Fanny a prestigious finalist prize for “Creative Promise in Dance” in 2012. Fanny’s versatility in the art form of flamenco is manifested in her many artistic works. As Philip Gardner said of her performance at the Joyce Theater in New York City “My newest love is Fanny Ara...the captivating expressive qualities of Fanny’s upper body mesmerized us while her footwork.” dazzled both the eye and the ear...she soared into the upper most echelon of dance artists I have witnessed over the years.” 

Her latest productions as artistic director, choreographer and dancer (2019 with 'Tattooed' and 2024 with 'Lilith') were reviewed as a triumph of artistry and self- actualization where the ovation was immediate, standing, vociferous, prolonged”

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